主演:艾伦·旁派 吴珊卓 帕特里克·德姆西 凯瑟琳·海格尔 埃里克 

导演:Rob Corn Peter Horton Jeffrey Melman 


北京时间9月25日,ABC电视台重磅医务剧将以两小时特别篇回到我们的视线,上一季结尾留下的Izzie和George的去留问题将在回归篇中一一解答。感谢KatherineHeigl的直言,我们已经大概得 详情


囧~还是你提的问题 Mercy West会有三个医生变成常驻角色:Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) “He’s a very confident, competitive, fearless leader and a bit of a cocky, hotshot surgeon,” says Jesse. “He’s cracking jokes left and right and going in there and taking no prisoners. So far, I’ve had a spat with Cristina and shared scenes with Owen, Lexie and Derek.” Dr. Reed Adamson (Nora Zehetner) “She’s very feisty and comes on a bit strong at first,” says Nora, a longtime friend of Chyler Leigh (Lexie). “But she’s a good doctor who cares a lot about the patients, especially with the merger getting in the way of that. Everyone is in competition and worried about getting fired, so there’s a lot of fighting with Izzie, Alex and Cristina for the best surgeries.” As for romance with Alex, Nora says only “Perhaps.” Dr. Charles Percy (Robert Baker) “He’s a general surgeon who has a problem keeping his mouth shut,” says Robert, who has shot scenes with Bailey, Alex and Derek. “In my first episode, some complications arise between Charles and Izzie, causing head-butting. Then some things happen that the fans will definitely want to see.” Could these characters share more than scalpels? “Izzie’s a married woman, but never say never.” 但是戏份很少~我不给你剧透了自己看吧 后面的剧集很震撼的PS,我超爱Jesse Williams,他太性感了