每年夏天举办,对于立志成为偶像的少女们来说被称为抓住梦想最大的登龙门的全国偶像选秀「SELECTIONPROJECT」今年迎来了第七次试镜的少女们大家都以华丽的出道,在国内外都很有人气。在全国偶像选秀 详情

运行Java程序时出现"The selection does not suppor...

1.右击要运行的jsp页面,选择Run As ->Open Run Dialog... 打开Run对话框2.左侧选择MyEclipse Server Application ,双击,新建了一个New_configuration,在右侧Project和Server文本框中分别填写相应的项目名称和服务器名称,单击保存,在重新部署运行即可实现。//转载的别人的

国家攻关项目 用英语怎么翻译

补充问题:The water conservancy project remote sensing is engaged in the remote sensing technology specially in the hydrology geology engineering geology environment domain applied research professional contingent, has engineering research personnel 10, senior engineer 3, engineer 5. Undertakes the national attack project 1 item successively, significant project 3 items, general project 10 items. Along with reform and open policy thorough, transfers but undertakes the social market project, is successively more than 60 item of highways pre- labor may the research project, the nearly 10 item of transmission lines route selection research project provide the technical service, attains high praise.