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1.Should criminals be sent to a jail or let them do something else as punishment instead of sending into a jail? Why and give your reasons. There has long been controversy concerning the objectives of the justice system. Sending criminals to a prison seems to be a justified punishment for damages inflicted to victims or society. But currently an increasing number of people goes with the option that criminals should be given appropriate amount of community services as a substitute of correction measures. Traditionally courts sentence law violators to serve a period of time in a prison or, under some circumstances, a correction institution if the offenders are minors or the charges are not serious. Criminals, after serving their time, are discharged back to the street. Ironically many of them end up becoming victims of the law itself. For example, a forty years old man served 10 years in prison for intentional injury. Released from jail, he found himself having great trouble in making a living because he lacked new skills and knowledge for work. No place wanted him for fear of possible future wrongdoings because of his criminal record. In many cases, ex-criminals become outcasts of community and are forced to commit other crimes for revenge or other reasons. On the contrary, criminals could be changed into contributing members of the society again if given a second chance. In such cases, they perform public services under supervision making a meager but honest living. This not only cuts the expenses of keeping them in jails such as food, cloth, and numerous other costs, but also warns would-be law offenders the consequences for illegal actions. This is particularly effective for minor criminals who stand a greater chance of achieving the corrective aims. But it is no easy job to draw a fine line between those who should be given a lighter punishment and those who should be more heavily published due the nature of law under complex circumstances. Nevertheless, we should encourage more effective ways of law enforcement to protect law-abiding citizens and, at the same time, deter and punish violators at any level so that criminals would not take advantage of lighter punishments. To sum up, either sending criminals to a prison or giving them community work as another form of punishment has merits for different reasons. But we need to be clear of the goals of law and choose more effective ways of law enforcement. 2这篇跟要求内容基本一样,稍作参考吧 Some people think that university should not provide theoretical knowledge, but to give practical training benefit to society. Do you agree or disagree? Use your own experience and knowledge to support your idea. Nowhere in the world has the issue of student been so much debated as in our society. In this competitive society, ability of work and employment experience have become very important features of ordinary students’ future; therefore, many people think that university should teach students the real knowledge that comes from practice and direct experience. The above point is certainly wrong; this essay will outline three reasons. The main reason is that students’ study will be delayed and disadvantaged. The academic knowledge of students will be hard to make greater progress in order to practical training and employment experience. In this special period of life, students have the best memory and intellect. If they do not work hard at study, they will lose it that could be balanced by neither good employment experience nor information of outside classroom. If students choose to carefully study academic knowledge in the university, they would gain a better future. Another reason is that current knowledge of students is not enough capable to face practical training’s requirements. If students are not taught professional theoretical knowledge, they just depend on the basal academic knowledge that they studied in the high school. In fact, they are really difficult to progress real practical training and gain abundant employment experience. Last but not the least reason is the professional theoretical knowledge that it is necessary to work of future. For instance, when I graduated from university, I did not have any employment experience. But, I was hired a famous network company. I could gain this work chance, only, because of my professional theoretical knowledge. In conclusion, the students ought to only study theoretical knowledge in the university. It is unnecessary to let university that provides plenty of practical training. 3.Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve traffic and pollution. What extend do you agree or disagree? What other measures do you think more effective? Bad traffic and increasing pollution are thorny issues challenging every major city in the globe. To combat such problems, government encourages companies to mark up gas price in an effort to decrease car use and cut down waste gas. However it may temporarily alleviate the problem, but is doubtfully the optimal solution. First of all, consumers and economy would be victimized by such measures. The number of cars in a country directly depends on the proportion of the population affluent enough to own cars. As a result, raises in gas price could invoke hard feelings among this segment of people but would not drastically change their behavior in using cars. Even if the number of cars on road is reduced due to higher gas cost, this is not the best way to solve traffic problems. Such policy would hurt the auto industry, place higher costs on current and prospect car owners, and undermine the economy of a nation. In the long run, the final way out could be the construction of better roads and more effective use of available transport facilities. Secondly, there is evidence that waste gas from cars is not the leading cause of air pollution. The culprit may be the discharge of polluting substances into the atmosphere due to the rapidly growing manufacturing industry. As a result, reduction of the number of cars would not return us a blue sky and fresh air. We could better handle this problem if we could increase control over industrial waste discharge and adopt more environmental friendly materials and production equipment. Finally, other measures like the application of cheaper and cleaner energy resources could also be a better solution. For example, we now have the ability to make cell-powered or even solar-powered cars. Such energy is completely clean and plentiful. However we still have a very long way to go to turn such technologically possible into affordable and practical products. To conclude, it is not the best way to control traffic and pollution by increasing gas price because such action will hurt consumers and economy without achieving what it is aimed for. Measures such as construction of better transport facilities and development of new energy resources could be more effective solutions. 4.# 5.It is generally believed that education is of vital importance in individuals’ development and well-being of societies. What should education consist of to fulfill both these functions? With the rapid development of modern society, education is becoming more and more crucial to both individuals and societies. The issue over what education should consist of has considerably aroused people’s wide concern. In this essay, I seek to explore this complicated topic from diverse perspectives and what influence could be brought. Among the most important aspects education should consist of, one should be stressed is professional knowledge education. On one hand, under the fierce competitive circumstance, people who have professional skills and experience attract many big companies. Therefore, study about one special area gives people more opportunities to hurt an ideal job. On the other hand, this education is also significant to develop societies in a long run. At the second place, what is also worth noticing is that physical education is necessary for students, especially for teenagers. If you want to achieve successfully in the modern societies, strong body is the first premise, which makes you always in sharp. So education should push people to take care themselves and this could bring great benefits to the healthy society. Last but not least, we should not lose sight of psychological education. Psychological problems are serious nowadays and a sizable percentage of people suffer from them. A survey conducted by a famous research organization indicates that over 40 percent of students have various psychological problems, who really need help from school and society. Even worse, if such problems cannot be solved, they could hamper the progress of well-being society. Judging from what I have been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that three aspects cannot be separated in education, which play vital important roles in the growth of individuals and societies. The fulfillment of both people and societies can be done as long as we lay emphasis on three aspects mentioned above. 6.some people think visitors to others countries should imitated local custom and behaviors. some people disagree, they think the host country should welcome culture different. nowadays, giant jumble jets carry millions of people each day to and from almost all corners of the globe, giving most people the chance of visiting distant countries. however, many of us are sometimes troubled by unfamiliar customs and traditions and are puzzled by the way foreigners behave. in my essay, both sides of the argument would be presented and analyzed as to whether we should follow the customs of the visited country, or should all nations be more willing to embrace exotic culture. some people maintain that it is better for one to adopt host countries’ culture for the following reasons. first of all, as the old saying goes, when in rome do as the romans do, by observing and following their particular way of doing thing, travelers can greatly reduce the chances of misunderstanding and embarrassment. for instance, it is advisable not to ask a western lady personal questions such as her age or her marital status on the first meeting, which is common practice in china. secondly, a nation’s customs and traditions are often fascinating and offer a unique insight into that very country. obviously, people travel in order to broaden their horizon or merely to relax and enjoy themselves. but these aims could not be satisfactorily fulfilled if they have no idea about a country’s culture. moreover, your interest in and understanding of their ways of life could help to establish a rapport with the local people, because people feel respected when their customs and behaviors are understood and imitated. and by doing things in their way, you become unconsciously a member of them and thus will no long experience culture shocks. however, others also have strong reasons to believe that a country should tolerate and embrace foreign culture. in the first place, no country should cling to its old customs and traditions at all cost and expect others to follow suit. culture should also be subject to changes brought about by advances in science and technology and the process of globalization. like everything else, numerous traditional practices have been abandoned and people are forming/creating new customs all the time. besides, instead of challenging and damaging the local traditions, the customs brought by international visitors actually help to enhance our awareness of our own culture, by pointing out that what we took for granted is really not universally praised but rather unique characteristics of our own. in china, for instance, the spring festival is being celebrated with ever more enthusiasm despite the popularity of christmas. moreover, it is unjustifiable and unrealistic to expect visitors to alter their ways of doing things, to while they have a right, and pick up some new behaviors and customs on short notice. many chinese americans, for example, still live exclusively in china towns and celebrate all the traditional chinese holidays. like a religious belief, one should be allowed to follow their own customs whenever and wherever they like. as far as i am concerned, i agree with the latter view that people can keep their own customs and nations should welcome culture differences and integrate the positive aspects from other culture to update their own. apparently, if all are open-minded about different traditions and behaviors, the idea of a global village could come true in corner of the earth, with people living in harmony and each enjoy his own cultural heritage. 7.# 8.Many people think public libraries should only provide books and shouldn't waste their limited money on expensive hi-tech media, such software dvd or vedio. In recent 10 years, with the advent of IT ear, the role of library has changed a a lot. It is no longer stricted to the traditional function of lending books, but become a synthesis of educational functions. Some people insist a library should maintain its original function and resist hi-tech materials,while other think that a library should keep in pace with modern technology. Admittedly, books are the main recourses of a library, and helping people reading is the main function of a library. But the 21st century changed the traditional definition of "book". It is not only related to the printed materials, but also expands to a wider range, covering visual, audio publications, e-books, essay data bases, and websites recourses. In such an occasion, libraries have to reform its old functions, and induce new functions. Once a library become modern, it would have the ability to display all educational recourses to the public. Otherwise, it might fade out from our horizon and even become a museum. Moreover, it is the public's demand that dominates the reformation of a library. Nowadays, people ask more. They are no longer satisfied with a simple function in a library, and on the contrast, they would like to enjoy a cup of coffee as well. Therefore, libraries have to add cafe, internet bar and video room to its original design. Overall, the money spent on the relatively expensive hi-tech media would arm a library and make it more educational, as well as attractive. What it invests would definitely result in a huge return. On the other hand, some people who assert the modernization of a library is meaningless think suggest that more money be used in enhancing book capacities. To begin with, they think that a library's main function is to provide books, rather than hi-tech media. Moreover, the expensive but useless hi-tech materials would take up a large proportion of a library's budget, thus result in a waste. But actually, a lot of hi-tech materials are well welcomed by readers. All things considered, i have reasons to believe that developing hi-tech media in a library is a right choice. A library should allocate a certain part of money on updating hi-tech materials, as well as books. 9.People think of that the news media have influential people's lives nowadays it is a negative development to what extent do you agree or disagree. The 21st century has witnessed the fast development of mass media, from the prevailing newspapers to the booming internet. Almost everyday, more or less, people are exposed to news media, influenced by news media, and even rely on news media. It becomes hard to identify whether it is positive or negative. People who are bothered by daily mews media hold a negative view towards. They has a recognition that news media are distorting people’s real thought, and enforce a false illusion on people’s minds. In other words, the over commercially developed media are tend to provide information that people don’t need, and always are persuading people to believe what they says. Moreover, news media sometimes have a poor occupational discipline and a bad professional morality. In order to win more audience, the even fabricate false news, regardless what the real situation is. Therefore, a lot of people lose their faith in news media. However, if we assess the function of news media objectively, we can get a conclusion that news media are generally playing a positive role, while sometimes make some mistakes. Journalists, as a whole, are professionally trained, and thus act justly when facing an event. With the help of journalists, we are able to get first hand information on what is happening all over the world, and we are able to enter the information ear. Moreover, news media are playing the role of an educator. In one hands, people learn from the facts through news, which indirectly enhanced their experience. On the other hand, most news media also have educational columns, enabling learners to have an access to a specific sphere. In my view of point, news media is a propeller of modern civilization, although it may annoy some people. Nevertheless, If we took a macro view of news media and avoid partial recognition, we can find it not only informative but also educational. 10.Sports and entertainment personalities have higher value than professional workers like doctors ,nurse and teacher in some society, why this happened in some society and do you think it is good or bad development. Why athletes and movie stars make more money more quickly than professionals such as doctors, nurses and school teachers? Though this seems no fair to many people, there are good reasons for such phenomenon. There is no profession in other businesses than being a star in the entertainment biz that spends millions of dollars to promote a singer or movie act123 By laws of market, the higher demand for certain goods or services, the higher value such goods or services would have. Movie stars or famous athletes entertain a nation or even the whole world. The box office of an internationally popular movie star hit millions weeks after a movie release. Advertisement income of major sports event such as the world soccer cup reaches billions during the game season. Stars satisfy the needs of very large populations with greater efficiency than medical professionals or teachers, who usually work for one hospital or school. As a result, stars are able to create greater value for their employers and deserve higher income. However, the real value of many stars is more superficial. Unlike other professionals, stars are made to cater the constantly changing pop culture. Most cases are that stars, no matter how popular now, would be forgotten as time goes by. Professionals like doctors and teachers create the true value for their society. Their experience and knowledge drive our society forward. By contrast, stars create demand and make their fortune mainly by making news to attract attention. Many stars work as endorsement person even for shoddy products causing harms to consumers in various degrees. Due to the powerful influences of show business, many young people are more interested in getting famous and rich overnight than working hard in more worthy professions. Such ideas and action would make young people throw away their ambition to become good doctors or lawyers. To conclude, the value of stars is more superficial and does not form the real value of a society. The true value of our world is created by people with real knowledge and skills like doctors and teachers. We should not encourage young people to waste time and money being fans instead of working hard to be someone more useful to their society