Tikita CAR


主演:金九拉 卓在勋 音文硕 曹圭贤 


Tikita CAR剧情介绍

《TikitaCAR》是在行驶的车里进行的新概念音乐脱口秀,将邀请观众好奇的话题人物,驶向嘉宾们想去的地方,同时展开真实的谈话,嘉宾还将亲自演唱含有自己故事的歌曲。 详情

ticket的用法及词组 举例举几个

hot ticketFig. something that is really popular and attractive at the moment. Singers who can dance are a hot ticket right now. Who knows what folks will like next month?buy someone's wolf ticket to challenge someone's boast or taunt. He wants me to buy his wolf ticket bad. He's such a fighter. He'll buy anybody's wolf ticket.get a ticketto receive a traffic ticket. If you keep racing along at this speed, you will get a ticket!get one's ticket punched to die; to be killed. (Literally, to be cancelled.) Poor Chuck got his ticket punched while he was waiting for a bus. Watch out there, or you'll get your ticket punched.just the ticketFig. to be just the perfect thing. This soup is just the ticket for a quick lunch. A good, hot cup of coffee will be just the ticket.round-trip ticketa ticket (for a plane, train, bus, etc.) that allows one to go to a destination and return. A round-trip ticket is usually cheaper than two one-way tickets. How much is a round-trip ticket to San Francisco?That's the ticket!Inf. That is what is required! Mary: I'll just get ready and drive the package directly to the airport! Sue: That's the ticket. Take it right to the airport post office. Bob: I've got it! I'll buy a new computer! Bill: That's the ticket!ticket someone for some placeto supply a ticket for someone to go to some place. The airlines clerk ticketed me for Houston and checked in my baggage. I was ticketed for both flights, saving me some time.See also: place, somevote a split ticketFig. to cast a ballot on which one's votes are divided between two or more parties. I always vote a split ticket since I detest both parties. Mary voted a split ticket for the first time in her life.vote a straight ticketFig. to cast a ballot on which all one's votes are for members of the same political party. I'm not a member of any political party, so I never vote a straight ticket. I usually vote a straight ticket because I believe in the principles of one party and not in the other's.See also: straight, voteMcGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.a dream tickettwo politicians who have joined together to try to win an election and who are likely to succeed because together they have the support of many different groups of people Clinton and Gore transformed themselves into a dream ticket in the last American election. a meal ticketsomeone or something that you use as a way of getting regular amounts of money for the rest of your life Gone are the days when a university degree was a meal ticket for life. a one-way ticket to something if something is a one-way ticket to an unpleasant situation, it will cause that situation to happen A rejection of the peace deal would be a one-way ticket to disaster for the country. Experimenting with drugs is a one-way ticket to addiction and misery, as far as I'm concerned. be just the job (British & Australian) also be just the ticket (British old-fashioned)to be perfect for a particular purpose He needed a car to pick her up in and Will's sports car seemed just the job. big ticket (American & Australian)very expensive (always before noun) It's a good time to buy a big ticket item like a car or household appliance, as prices have fallen. the hot ticket (American)someone or something that is very popular at the present time Fashion writers predict that ankle-strap shoes will be the hot ticket this fall. Keira Knightley's become one of the hot tickets in Hollywood since she starred in 'Pride and Prejudice'. (American)just the ticketexactly what is needed If you love a splash of color, this striped T-shirt is just the ticket.

tikit怎么读Good morning, can I have your tickt

英文原文:Good morning, can I have your tickt please ?英式音标:[gʊd] [ˈmɔːnɪŋ] , [kæn] [aɪ] [hæv] [jɔː; jʊə] tickt [pliːz] ? 美式音标:[ɡʊd] [ˈmɔrnɪŋ] , [kæn] [aɪ] [hæv] [jʊrˌ jɔrˌ jorˌjə] tickt [pliz] ?